Sevyn Streeter – Don’t Kill the Fun (ft. Chris Brown)

Sevyn Streeter Don't Kill the Fun

Sevyn Streeter has been a lot of time with Chris Brown lately, and the partnership seems to be working out quite well. Sevyn wrote some of Chris’s biggest hits, and in return, he featured on her breakout single, It Won’t Stop. The duo is teaming up once again for Don’t Kill the Fun, the lead single from Sevyn’s upcoming album. Unfortunately, it seems that the fun was dead before the album even dropped.

The song starts out well enough. A breezy keyboard riff and Sevyn’s sweet vocals give the song a sleek vibe with an easy going beat. Its the type of smooth contemporary RnB production that characterized Sevyn’s criminally under rated EP. However, problems arise when the song hits the chorus.

An added hip-hop beat just confuses the song. Does it want to be a club jumping floor filler, or does it want to be an chilled out grinder? The beat can’t make up its mind, and without a real hook or a catchy chorus…neither can I. Chris Brown’s verse steers the song in the right direction, but it doesn’t last long enough, and soon we’re veering right back into the messy beat.

Don’t Kill the Fun definitely isn’t the song that will be blasting in the clubs. It works much better as the song you listen to while you’re getting ready for a night out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a waste of Sevyn’s super star potential.

Final Score: 2/5






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