This is my blog. I blog things.

Playlistology 101 is actually the current incarnation of a blog project that has been going on for awhile now. It started out on blogger as a way for me to kill time and spout out useless nothings into cyberspace. Then it slowly began to take shape into a platform for me to play “music critic.”

And, to my surprise…it actually attracted an audience! Granted, it was nowhere near Perez Hilton or Popdust level, but I was happy having a few hundred views per day. However, that didn’t last. Eventually, I decided to mess with the system, and kind of broke my blog. Google was all “Oh, your blog? Yeah, can’t find it dude. Try Popdust!”

Thus, resurrected the project on WordPress. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite “get it,” so I kept two sister blogs running side by side in something of a format war….Wordpress versus Blogger. In the end, WordPress won out. Thus explains the blog you are seeing now.

So, take a look around. This is still kind of a work in progress, so please look forward to a more intuitive experience to come! Or not. It’ll probably be the same damn thing….but…you know.

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