Missing and Disbanded Kpop Groups: Wonder Boyz

Wonder Boyz Disband

Wonder Boyz
Members: Bak Chi Gi (Leader, Rapper), Young Boy (Rapper), K (Main Vocal), Master One (Rapper)
Debut: October 2012
Last Promotion: May 2013

Although this hip-hop group debuted in 2012, they didn’t really start making a name for themselves until they dropped their single, Tarzan the following year. With a unique dance hall sound and tribal beats, the release became an unexpected hit! It topped many lists as one of the best and most under rated of the year! Wonder Boyz seemed to finally be on the path to success!

Unfortunately, silence is what followed their breakout single. With no new releases or appearances through out 2014, fans began to wonder about the group’s future. However, their questions were answered on January 7th, 2015, when the group leader posted on his Instagram that the group had gone their separate ways.

While the group may no longer be together, there seems to be no ill will between them. In fact, it appears that they are each cheering each other on as they continue to pursue their careers. Master One and Young Boy have changed their stage names to V.Hawk and Roscoe respectively, and are working on new music with C-Clown’s Rome. V.Hawk has even released a few songs independently! K, now going by his actual name, Taehyun, has also released a single independently.

This clearly isn’t the end of the road for these talented men, but Wonder Boyz will forever go down as a group that was disbanded too soon.

Status: Disbanded


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