Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life

Imagine Dragons I Bet My Life

How exactly do you follow up a debut like Night Visions? With three chart topping singles and a Grammy nomination, Imagine Dragons quickly established themselves as one of the biggest bands in the world.  As such, the Las Vegas rock outfit is betting it all on their Sophomore album, lead by the single I Bet My Life.

All of the elements that characterized the band’s debut are present in this new song, but with a new folk inspired sound that adds something different to the mix. I Bet My Life begins with a choir’s haunting background vocals. Twangy guitar strings, spirited hand claps and foot stops give the song a warm rustic feel.

Lead vocalist Dan Reynolds sings intimately about a strained relationship before exploding into a passionate and powerful chorus. Among thunderous percussion and huge vocal harmonies, Reynolds boldly proclaims “I bet my life on you!” in spite of all his hardships. Its a powerful declaration on a scale that is just as vast as Radioactive, and every bit as warm as Its Time.

However, the song does suffer from an overcrowded sound at times. With multiple forms of percussion, background noises, and a rather shrill vocal harmony, there seems to be too much happening at once. It drowns out Dan’s vocals, and quells the guitars., detracting from the song’s simpler elements.

Still, while it takes away from the experience, it isn’t enough to kill this otherwise beautiful song. Imagine Dragons has done it again. I Bet My Life is a powerful release that is sure to maintain the band’s position at the top.

Final Score: 3/5





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