Girls’ Generation – Holiday

With many long standing girl groups disbanding this year, many were worried about the fate of SNSD (Girls Generation). Well, worry no more! The girls have reunited for their 10th anniversary to prove exactly why they are Korea’s top girl group. Their latest release is a bold and brassy track called Holiday that brings out the fun and peppy side of the girls. With a bright and energetic song, its now undeniable….the song of the summer 2017 is here!

With their previous single being inspired by the 50’s Doo Wop sound, Holiday also features a retro style. However, the girls have time traveled about twenty years into the future for a 70’s inspired Disco sound. It’s energetic sound is full of funky guitars, lively horns, and colorful synthesizers. It makes for a sound that if bright, upbeat, and just exploding with fun!

The girls themselves bring tons of energy and powerful vocals. Individually, they each bring strong vocals to their verses, as well as some ad-libs for flavoring. Tae Yeon, Tiffany, and Seo Hyun impress with their powerful display of belting, but Soo Young and Sunny also manage to stand out with their sweet voiced verses becoming noticeably more powerful as well. Hyo Yeon’s rap verse is a definite low point of the song, but even she has shown growth with more competent line delivery. When all eight girls come together in the chorus, the song simply explodes with huge waves of fun and energy.

These girls take us to Kpop euphoria in a way that only Girls Generation can. Its clear that Holiday will be Kpop classic. With the title of the “Nation’s Girl Group,” Girls’ Generation once again delivers.

Final Score: A


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