Katy Perry – Swish Swish (ft. Nicki Minaj)

Katy Perry has a long discography of pop masterpieces to her name. She has also released a ton of disposable pop bull shit. After releasing one of the laziest summer bops to ever be considered a “summer bop,” she returns with Β the brilliantly titled Swish Swish. Its pretty much exactly what you’d expect based on that name. Shit.

The song actually starts out well enough. Perry sings out a few fine pointed words to her haters using some clever wordplay. Its all well and good, but then the beat drops. Its a runway-esque house beat that is perfect for strutting. Unfortunately, the beat doesn’t go anywhere for the remaining 3 and a half minutes of the song. It gets old very quickly.

It would be a bit better if Katy did anything note worthy, but after a minute of reminding us how awesome she is, and how her haters better “get used to it,” you’re left craving for the sweeping chorus of Firework or Teenage Dream. No such chorus is present in this tragic pop disaster. Nicki Minaj switches it up a bit with an uninspired rap verse, but at this point, Nicki verses in pop songs have become a novelty and a parody of themselves. Yawn.

After listening to this song, its pretty clear that Perry isn’t even trying anymore. Not that she cares. She still has a hit, and will strut her way to the bank, while haters like me listen to something actually worthwhile.

Final Score: C-



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