The Script – Rain

The Script have returned from their hiatus to bring us a new single called Rain. Although the band is best known for their moody hits, Rain attempts to put a new spin on their signature style. Melancholy lyrics about heartbreak abound, but this time around, the group is much more upbeat about it! The result is a surprisingly refreshing summer hit that makes the band seem interesting again!

Lyrically, Rain gives us more of what we should expect from The Script. Danny Odonoghue once again laments a lost lover, crooning about how “all it does is rain” when she’s gone. Despite the pain, his vocals are warm and lively, expressing a vocal range that keeps the song moving at a nice pace. Its the instrumentals, however, that really give the song life.

Starting with a soft piano melody, the song quickly builds up toward a chorus full of lively guitars and toe tapping drums. It falls short of being danceable, but with an easy groove and a shout along chorus, this is definitely the most energetic we’ve ever seen The Script. Coming from a band that seemed incapable of being anything but a downer, this light and upbeat sound is surprisingly refreshing!

Heartbreak in summer sounds surprisingly refreshing with The Script. With a new album on the way, Rain has given us a teaser for what could very well be an interesting new direction for The Script.

Final Score: B



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