OneRepublic – Rich Love (ft. Seeb)

Rich Love is the latest release from hit making band, OneRepublic. In an effort to score “song of the summer” status, they’ve recruited Nowegian EDM production team Seeb to add a level of that tropical house sound that is oh-so-popular this season. Unfortunately, this collaboration seems to have overpowered OneRepublic’s signature sound. Rich Love is a pretty generic sounding single that will leave OneRepublic with something to apologize for.

The song starts off well enough. Ryan opens the song with a keyboard driven verse about finding love while being broke. Its a soft and intimate start, which builds with some ghostly background “whoooo”s, house synths, and a melancholy hook of “we’re broke like a bottle of wine.” Its a well intentioned song, but then…then chorus hits. Sort of.

Its a disappointing non-chorus that features some lazy imitation of Seeb’s bigger hit, I Took a Pill in Ibiza.Β Its a lackluster wave of distorted vocals and tropical synths that is dialed back WAY too far to be danceable. The worst part is that it takes away from what makes OneRepublic so memorable. There’s no anthemic chorus, Ryan’s vocal never really take off, and the band’s instrumentally driven sound is completely tossed to the side.

OneRepublic has had trouble scoring a hit recently. After their fourth album tanked, its clear that they needed a strong, radio-friendly hit to remain relevant. I see where they were going by adding some popular sounds to their style, but Rich Love is a colossal disappointment that proves the band has lost their touch.

Final Score: D



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