Echosmith – Goodbye

Goodbye is essentially a re-introduction for Echosmith. It’s been four years since they debuted with Cool Kids. In that time, the group’s lead guitarist left to focus on being a father, leaving his younger siblings to continue the family band as a trio. Rather than fill the void left by the lack of electric guitars, the group has simply decided to work around it. The results are surprisingly…cool!

Gone are the electric guitars that drove their earlier hit. Instead, Goodbye combines an acoustic melody with a little EDM production to create a surprisingly unique sound. The acoustic strings drive the verses with a haunting effect, but things burst to life in the chorus. With the added kick of synthesizers and a slick bass line, the song really takes off.

Lead vocalist Sydney Sierota sounds absolutely gorgeous. She weaves in and out of the acoustic verses and the electric chorus chorus with an ethereal tone. It pulls everything together, and keeps the sound cohesive. She leaves chills as she delivers the hook of “When you finally find yourself, tell him I said…goodbye.”

Echosmithh used to be cool in an ironic sort of way. Now, their slick production and musical identity has made them genuinely cool. Goodbye is a surprisingly unique track that makes me hope we’ll see much more from this young band as they continue to develop.

Final Score: A


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