Foster the People – Sit Next to Me

Most will remember Foster the People for their 2011 runaway hit, Pumped Up Kicks. With album number three on the way, the band has pre-released a series of tracks that seem to be pushing the limits of their established sound to exciting new extremes. However, the latest single from the upcoming Sacred Hearts Club offers up something entirely different for the band.

Sit Next To Me is more a more subdued and intimate track than what we’ve come to expect. It strips away the typical electronic sounds and slows it down with some 60’s inspired funk and psychedelic rock. This mid-tempo track burns slowly, but the slick guitars, disco inspired synthesizers, and deep bass give the song a pleasant groove. It doesn’t hit quite as hard as the band’s usual sound, fizzing where it usually pops, but it goes down smooth none the less.

Mark Foster croons lyrics about chasing a girl through a crowded club, wanting only to get closer to her. He sings “Come over here sit next to me, We can see where things go naturally” before kicking it up with his signature wail.

Overall, its a well produced track that utilizes retro elements well. Fans of the classic 60’s sound should love it, but fans of the band’s usual indie-electro style might find this one a bit forgettable. Sit Next to Me offers something different, but in the process, it looses a bit of the punch that Foster the People usually bring.

Final Score: B+


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