BlackPink – As If It’s Your Last

BlackPink channels their “Pink Side” for their latest single. After giving us explosive club-bangers, cool hip-hop tracks, and emotional ballads, they’ve returned with a more upbeat summer tracl. It shows off their versatility, and further establishes their identity as being more than just a 2ne1 knock-off.

As If It’s Your Last begins with a building club beat that gives way to a dance-hall inspired pop tune. The girls show off strong vocals and eye catching dance moves with much more vibrancy than we’ve seen from them before. The song builds up to a chorus filled with sugary sweet synths. It’s catchy and energetic, but can sound a bit misplaced against the more sleek verses. Still, a well polished hook and rap-verse from Lisa keeps the song firmly rooted, and keeps it from becoming “too cute.”

With this release, it feels like BlackPink is living up to their name. As If It’s Your Last has a perfect balance of the “Black” and the “Pink.” This song has both the chic club appeal of their last songs, but with a new layer of Kpop’s youthful charm. It work to deliver a perfectly blended hit.

Final Score: A


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