Zedd – Get Low (ft. Liam Payne)

Now that One Direction is moving in five different directions, the members are beginning to emerge as legitimate solo artists. However, this transition can be difficult if you’re the perpetually overshadowed Liam Payne. His hip-hop inspired solo debut was an obvious misstep, but perhaps EDM will be his path to success? For his second solo effort, he is teaming up with Zedd for the tropical house track, Get Low.

Zedd has done well for many of his collaborators, and he’s also let many of them down. Get Low, quite frankly, is a middle of the road track that doesn’t fail, but doesn’t really take off either. He provides a snappy beat and a wave of smooth synths that makes the song easy to groove to. The chorus injects a boost of energy as Liam provides instructions to “Get low, get low, hands on your waist, let’s go.” Sure, it’s catchy and fun for a night of dancing, but its also a bit basic and uninspired.

Get Low will probably get heavy rotation in clubs this summer. It will also be the song that people dance to when they don’t really care what they’re dancing to. This song is just another notch in the belt for Zedd, but does little to forward Liam Payne’s solo career.

Final Score: B-



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