Nine Muses – Remember

Nine Muses is a group that has had their share of ups and downs. After the departure of half of the group, the girls are brushing forward as a quartet. Although they may look defeated, they somehow manage to roar back with one of their strongest releases to date. Remember is a dark yet alluring track that plays to remaining members strengths.

The song continues on the darker and moodier sound established on their previous single, Sleepless Night. The girls pull you in with emotional vocals over a pulsing, guitar driven melody. The progression is brilliant, building with urgent vocals, deep beats, and electric guitars. Eventually, the song explodes into a tense and dramatic chorus.

The girls’ vocals are on full display. Kyung Ri, Keumjo, and Hye Mi seamlessly transition between an intimate plead, and a passionate wail, but Sojin adds another layer of depth with her rap verse. Although she isn’t much of a rapper, the song suits her poetic, spoken-word delivery. Perhaps the smaller number of members has allowed them to each show off their strengths?

Rememberย is yet another strong entry in Nine Muses’ discography. It shows off a more artistic and dramatic side of the group, and it pays off brilliantly. While this group seems to be forever banished to the B-Tier, a song like this proves that Korea is sleeping on a true gem.

Final Score: A



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