Delta Rae – A Long and Happy Life

Delta Rae is far from your typical American folk band. With their past two albums, the band has experimented with an eclectic mix of genres and sounds. With album number three quickly approaching, the group has released a teaser of what is to come with their new single, A Long and Happy Life. It marks a distinct shift in the band’s sound that might just propel them to mainstream popularity; Country Pop.

From the opening guitar riffs, its obvious that this song was made with mainstread Country Radio in mind. Liz Hopkins takes the lead, bringing a warm voice and heartfelt lyrics about her Southern roots. She glows her way through a humble ode to family, open fields, and “folks like us.” The band kicks it up in the chorus with their signature golden harmonies that hit like a warm breeze. It’s an absolutely radiant, windows down, sing-out-loud romper that demands to be played at high volume.

A Long and Happy Life is tailor made for Country radio, and should be a big hit! However, the musical direction  lacks the creativity of the band’s past releases. I can’t blame them for going all-in on Country route, but I will admit to missing the way they seamlessly blended Country with Rock, Folk, Pop, and Blues in their past releases. A Long and Happy Life sounds like it could have been released by any number of current Country radio stars. That said, it still manages to shine brightly when placed alongside bigger Country radio hits, which really says something about the band’s ability to craft a solid tune. This is the prefect song to welcome Summer, and will hopefully be a big success for Delta Rae.

Final Score: B+


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