Fifth Harmony – Down

Down marks Fifth Harmony’s first release since the departure of Camilla Cabello. Continuing forward, the quartet certainly has something to prove to their loyal fans. Unfortunately, what they prove is that they peaked with Worth It.

Down is essentially a lowest common denominator pop song that practically plagiarizes their past hit, Work From Home.

Hollow sounding yet twerkable pop beat? Check.

Repeating a single word an annoying amount of times? Check.

Obligatory rap verse from a popular rapper? Check.

Catchy hook? Check.

Put it all together, and it quickly adds up to the girls’ most basic release yet. I mean that in both the literal and figurative way…

However, all of this isn’t even the biggest disappointment. The biggest slap in the face is the song’s line distribution. It was easy to see that Camilla was the centerpiece of the group. She held lead in Miss Moving On,ย Sledgehammerย andย Worth It, and even stole the spotlight in Work From Home with her ad-libs. After her departure, I was hoping for a more even distribution of spotlight among the other, often overshadowed members. Unfortunately, the group’s second-in-command, Lauren Jaurengui, has emerged as the group’s new centerpiece.

Not only does she take the lead in song’s chorus, but she also steals the entire first verse, and most of the song’s ad-libs. While Normani gets a verse to herself, Ally and Dinah are essentially back up singers….again. It’s a shame, but Down actually feels like Lauren’s solo track, with features from the other girls.

Fifth Harmony is better than Down, but the song seems to know where the group is headed. Hey, at least its catchy.

Final Score: C-


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