Stellar – Archangels of the Sephiroth


stellar sephiroth (1)

Stellar are no strangers to dramatic reinventions. With their latest release, the group is almost completely unrecognizable. Not only have they added a new member to the group, but they’ve taken their trendy girl group sex appeal into a more artistic direction. Archangels of the Sephiroth is highly unconventional for a Kpop song, and represents the first time the group has taken a real risk with their music. Luckily, it pays off.

Archangels uses a unique Middle Eastern melody to create a dark and brooding atmosphere. Its an absolutely gorgeous arrangement that offers a bit of diversity to the typical Kpop sound. Rushing drums create a dramatic beat, while the exotic strings give the song a sense of urgency that builds as the song progresses. It boils over in the chorus as the girls shout demands to, “Give me your LOVE!” It works to relieve the tension built up by that the smooth voiced and alluring verses, but it’s also a bit jarring.

The girls also show off some graceful dance moves in the song’s captivating music video. It’s a shame that Stellar has to resort to fan funded Makestar projects to keep them going, but with Archangels, they prove to be stronger than ever. Hopefully the song’s unconventional nature will prove to be a risk that pays off.

Final Score: A-



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