Playlistology Update

Hello there!

This is just a quick update to say that this blog isn’t dead, though it probably should be.

After taking on an insane work schedule, I was unable to really give the blog the attention it needed. As a result, the content I was putting out felt rushed, and was very low quality. Since I was unhappy with my own content, I decided to take a break from it, and return when I was able.

Now that I’m working a normal schedule, it seems that I have a bit of free time to play around with! I still enjoy listening to music, and I still enjoy thinking critically about it. As such, I’ll be attempting to reboot this blog!

It’s been two years since I last posted, but I’m excited to try and perfect the music blog that I had envisioned. I’m hoping to come at it with a simpler approach. As usual, I’ll be reviewing new music, and hopefully posting “Playlists” of songs that fit a common theme, mood, or genre. If you have any requests, I’d be happy to hear them!

So, keep an eye on this space! Something exciting will be here soon!



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