MAX – Gibberish (ft. Hoodie Allen)

MAX Gibberish

Could MAX be the next big male pop star? Now that the era of Justin Beiber and One Direction is coming to a close, the time has never been better for a pop breakthrough.

Chances are you’ve heard of MAX before. Also known as Max Schneider, his Youtube covers are some of the most watched videos on the net. Displaying a wide range of talents, he’s managed to acquire quite an online following, eventually leading to his signing with Pete Wentz’s record label. With Gibberish being his first major label release, I’d say he’s on the right track to stardom.

This powerful pop-RnB track has a fresh sound that radio stations would be foolish to overlook! The upbeat tune draws on the current trend of throwback sounds, featuring brassy horns and a funky beat. The song progresses from upbeat toe tapper, to an RnB pre-chorus, and a catchy hip-hop chorus. Its a dynamic song that’s in constant motion! A definite attention grabber!

MAX’s vocals pack an impressive amount of power. Both soulful and powerful, he proves that he has big talent, and big potential. In the song’s music video, he even shows the ability to bust a move! His choice of collaborative partners also takes the song to higher levels. Hoodie Allen is also on the verge of a breakthrough, and is one of the biggest up and coming rappers. His rapid fire verse gives the song an added edge that complements MAX perfectly.

With a solid song and tons of talent on display, Gibberish is a solid debut from this rising artist. I see a huge career in store for MAX. This is definitely the start of something big.

Final Score: 4/5





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