4minute – Crazy

4minute Crazy Review

4minute is back with a much welcome return to form! Over the years, this group has played around with many different sounds and styles. However, fans have been anxiously requesting a return to the hard hitting style of the girls’ 2010 hip-hop song, HuH. The group is finally delivering on this with their latest release, Crazy.

With a sleek and sexy style, a bass heavy beat, and a surprising new emphasis on twerking, its clear that 4minute is going all out with this release. The hip-hop beat blasts its way through the speakers, making it perfect for club dancefloors. Between samples of blaring horns, sirens, breaking glass, and more, the song is constantly moving at an exciting pace.

By now, we know what to expect from the group’s five members, and here, they do not disappoint. Hyuna and Ga Yoon really lay it down with their rap verses. So Hyun surprises with her amount of vocal growth, and even Ji Hyun shines in her verse (even if it is mostly for her sexy dance moves.) Ga Yoon might have the best part of the song, as she delivers some powerful vocals in the song’s dynamic pre-chorus.

Unfortunately, the actual chorus feels like a bit of a let down…mostly because there really isn’t one. Instead of the powerful hook we would expect, the vocals just fall away entirely, leaving us with nothing but the beat and samples of Ji Yoon spelling out c-r-a-z-y. It’s kind of catchy….but its also kind of lazy. The verses of the song are so powerful and impressive, that it seems like a bit of a cop-out to have such a lame chorus.

Still, it isn’t enough to derail the song entirely. With a sick beat, and group that has enough talent and charisma to pull it off, Crazy is a solid club track that guaranteed to get you moving.

Final Score: 3/5






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