Missing and Disbanded Kpop Groups: RaNia

RaNia Disband

Members: Jooyi (Main Vocal), T-ae (Vocal), Xia (Vocal), Di (Vocal), Sharon (Vocal), Hyeme (rumored member)
Former Members: Saem, Riko, Joy, Yi Jo, Sarah, Data, So Ri
Debut: March 2011
Last Promotion: February 2013

The last time I reported on the status of RaNia (here), things were actually looking good for the girls! They had just announced a partnership with Spanish entertainment agency, IngenioMedia. With their new company, they unveiled plans to audition for a new member, and return with a new single in the summer of 2014.

Unfortuantely, summer came and went without a comeback from RaNia. Some investigation revealed things were not going smoothly with IngenioMedia. The group did indeed find their sixth member, welcoming Sharon into the group in August 2014. However, when a notorios fan leaked the girls’ intended single, things went downhill. DR Music, the girls’ Korean agency, tried their best to do damage control and get a different song lined up. Unfortunately, IngenioMedia dropped the Kpop act, claiming they were “taking too long.”

Shortly there after, RaNia made several small stage performances. Unfortunately, they were made without original member Saem. It was later revealed that she left the group. The group continued performing with their new line up until September, when a performance in China revealed yet another change in the line up.

Jooyi was absent from the group, and in her place was a trainee named Hyeme. No official statement has been made on Jooyi’s position in the group, but this would be the second time that Jooyi had left the group, following her absence from Style promotions. No official statement has been made, leaving fans torn as to weather Jooyi is simply on hiatus, or if she has left the group permanently.

Although the group is still in tact and regularly performing, the future looks uncertain for RaNia. Their ship might be sailing, but with a constantly changing line up, and no news on a comeback, they seem to be circling the drain. Hopefully a more optimistic update is on the horizon in the near future…

Status: Unsure…



2 responses to “Missing and Disbanded Kpop Groups: RaNia

  1. I’d like to update that, even though we’re still unsure about Jooyi, Sharon Park confirmed that she has left RaNia and recently, Hyeme did announce she had become the new member following Sharon Park’s leave, however, Hyeme has not been seen with the group since appx. May and has deleted her Tweet about joining RaNia, so it’s assumed she may have left RaNia too.

    It’s also believed RaNia is down to only Di, T-ae and Xia, as they’re the only members regularly appear together.

    Hopefully, Jooyi might be on hiatus.

    • Hey, just thought I’d update my last comment in case anyone reads it!

      As you probably know by now, RaNia resurfaced in August with Di, T-ae and Xia, as said above, and Hyeme is still a member despite the rumors and a fifth member has joined them named Seulji! Furthermore, about a month or so ago, RaNia’s manager posted a photo of Di taken in the studio and commented that they are working on a comeback. When this will happen has yet to be revealed, however, with RaNia back to performing, maybe there’s a good chance it’ll happen soon.

      Let’s hope the best for our lovely RaNia! ❤ Maybe this will break their bad luck streak.

      Sorry for all the comments! XD

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