G.R.L. – Lighthouse

G.R.L. Lighthouse

After featuring in a chart topping single with Pitbull, and releasing a brilliant debut single, G.R.L. was in a position to take the pop world by storm. However, tragedy struck the group when member Simone Battle unexpectedly passed away. As a tribute to their former group mate, the girls have banded together for Lighthouse, their first release as a quartet.

This touching pop ballad shines brilliantly. Acoustic guitars give the song a somber tone, but the spacey beat and ghostly backing vocals add a dynamic that keeps the song from being too dark. The girls’ voices are strong individually, but really soar when they come together in the chorus. The lyrics strike a personal chord, and sound oddly like the words they wish they could have said to Simone before she passed.

What separates Lighthouse from similar ballads is its context. G.R.L. is damaged, and this song is part of their healing process. Released under normal circumstances, it would still have been a fantastic song, but the reality of the situation gives it a depth than can be felt.

Rest in peace, Simone Battle.

Final Score: 4/5






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