Missing and Disbanded Kpop Groups: G.I. (Global Icon)

G.I. Global Icon

G.I. (Global Icon)
Members: OneKat (Main Rapper),  Ai (Rapper), Hayun (Vocal), Eun Ji (Vocal), Aram (Main Vocal)
Debut: April 2013
Last Promotion: October 2013

Global Icon immediately turned heads when they debuted, but not just for their eye catching tomboy image. They were also incredibly talented! With intense dance skills, fierce rapping, and even a solid vocalist, this group seemed to be poised and ready to make waves! Unfortunately, something about the edgy group didn’t quite click with the masses.

G.I. followed up with a second single, Don’t Lie. However, after it was banned from public broadcast duo to strong language, they had to abandon the song in favor of the more upbeat Gi-Yeok. However, with a very low budget music video, and only minimal promotion, fans began to wonder how stable the girls’ career really was.

Finally, after promotions for the group’s mini-album came to an end, news dropped that main vocalist Aram had left the group in April 2014. The group continued performing as a quartet for a short period of time, until they reappeared with five members in August! Unfortunately…they appeared with two new members, and without Hayun (video). Via twitter, she later revealed that she was no longer a part of the group, and could not discuss the reasons why.

For the rest of 2014, G.I. made casual appearances…sometimes as a trio, and sometimes with the two mysterious girls. No update has been given as to their identities, or their place in the group. With the group line up in question, and no new releases for over a year, fans began to question the group had a future at all?

Luckily, in January 2015, a fan-site posted information that the group was indeed preparing a comeback! It is still unknown if they will continue as a trio or add new members to continue as a five member group. There is also no set date for the comeback. However, what we do know is that G.I. is still together and preparing music with at least three of the original members!

Status: Active


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