Aesop Rock – Cat Food

Aesop Rock Cat Food

It’s been almost three years since our last solo release from Aesop Rock. Taking a break from his Hail Mary Mallon project, he’s just dropped his latest single, Cat Food. Aesop Rock has been one of rap music’s most under rated artists for far too long. Perhaps this is because his extensive vocabulary, vivid imagery, and personal lyrics go over the heads of most hip-hop fans? Genius or not, there’s no denying that Cat Food is the work of someone who has mastered his craft.

The gritty beat hits hard, brooding against a dark and ominous vibe. ItsΒ a classic sounding beat that steadily marches toward some intricate wordplay. Here, Aesop kicks the rap game right in its teeth with sharpened lyrics about the industry’s lack of focus and creativity. He expresses his desire to move past his past releases, and even the past events that shaped him. He wants to transcend this and create something new and innovative for hip-hop music, and he gives zero fucks about who that pisses off. With expertly delivered verses, its difficult not to want to rally behind him.

This isn’t your typical hip-hop track. No hooks, no club beats, no rude lyrics about nothing in particular. This is the work of a true hip-hop artist, who manage to take the game to a totally different level.

Final Score: 4/5






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