Nine Muses – Drama

Nine Muses Drama

After the departure of three of their original members, Nine Muses took a short break to reconfigure their group line up. With two new members, the group is back and ready to re-launch themselves. However, the biggest change seems to have occurred behind the scenes.

Sweetune, the mastermind behind the girl string of hit singles, is no longer at the production board. Instead, we have Chang Jeong Wook, who previously worked with the girls on their last album. Unfortunately, there’s a reason that he’s never produced a lead single. Drama is one step forward for the group, and two steps waaaaay back.

The song has a much lighter and bubblier feel than any Nine Muss song before. An airy keyboard riff carries the song forward with a bouncey pop beat. Sure, its fun and vibrant, but it feels hollow compared to the group’s work with Sweetune. It isn’t as complex, not as sophisticated, and definitely not as interesting. Sure, it’s good, but it feels better suited to be a filler track on a larger album. Drama just isn’t lead single ready.

The girls do what they can to salvage the song, and luckily, they continue to shine even with the lack luster song they’ve been given. Euarin delivers a sassy rap verse, while Seung Ah moves up to the rapper position with relative ease. The vocal line is as strong as ever, now featuring newcomer Keumjo. Her voice is very similar to departed member Sera’s, both in power and tone, which allows the group a smooth trasition into their new line up. Sojin is mostly present for her dancing, but she fits in well with a group that’s known for their perfectly in sync choreography.

The ladies of Nine Muses put their best foot forward, but without a solid foundation, the whole production just feels sub-par. I’ve come to expect great things from this talented group, and unfortunately, Drama is not a great thing. The combination of Sweetune and Nine Muses is a great thing! Maybe we need more of that? Yeah…definitely more of that.

Final Score: 2/5




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