Top 100 Songs of 2014: 19 – 11

Top Songs of 2014

Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

Walk the Moon Shut Up and Dance

Walk The Moon has a knack for making music that is pure bliss to listen to! This quirky indie band brings lively beats, vibrant guitars, and huge choruses. Shut Up and Dance wasn’t just a title, it was a command! And even during the first listen, you’ll be hard pressed not to obey! This is one party starting jam that refuses to let up!

Charlie XCX – Boom Clap

Charlie XCX Boom Clap

It seems that the next big movement in pop music is going to be the “anti-pop star.” Moving away from club beats and eccentric costumes, Charlie XCX is emerging as the next big thing by playing the game according to her own rules. Her sultry voice simmers in the verses before exploding into a chorus that is packed with attitude! A lovely song about love and life, Boom Clap was definitely one of the year’s most memorable. Plus, it helped teens everywhere cope with one of the saddest movies ever! Points to Charlie!

Tinashe – Bet

Tinashe Bet

Tinashe is one star that is ready to rise. While her hit single 2 On proved that she could shake things up with a solid club banger, her B-side Bet proved that she was a solid songwriter and a legitimate artist. Featuring production from Devonte Hynes, Bet takes on a futuristic sound. Distorted guitars and murky synths create a mysterious shroud, but Tinashe manages to emerge from the mist like a siren. This song is proof. Tinashe is the future of RnB music.

Dilated Peoples – Show Me The Way (ft Aloe Blacc)

Dilated Peoples Show Me The Way

This rap group might not be well known in the mainstream, but make no mistake that these guys are the real deal! With an old school vibe, the trio delivers well sharpened rhymes about rising above life’s hardships through their drive to succeed. Aloe Blacc delivers a soulful chorus, full of conviction and passion. This is one song that helps realize hip-hop’s original vision and purpose, and iss criminally under rated!

Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

Lorde Yellow Flicker Beat

Last year, Lorde stole the number one position on this countdown with her groundbreaking debut single, Royals. This year, she built upon the foundation she laid for herself, and delivered yet another song that goes everywhere pop music is too afraid to tread. Serving as the theme to the Hunger Game’s third film, Yellow Flicker Beat takes Lorde’s usual cynicism and apathy, and channels it into a simmering rage. Beginning with a haunting hum and Lorde’s sultry voice, the song soon explodes into a battle cry against the expectations that others have of her. Lorde continues to take the pop world by storm by rewriting the rules of the game.

Fitz and the Tantrums – The Walker
(October 2013)

Fitz and the Tantrums the walker

I’ve always been a fan of this Indie-Soul band, and 2014 was finally their year! When The Walker became a viral hit, the world began whistling along to this catchier-than-the-plague song! Michael Fitzpatrick’s soulful vocals are always a pleasure to listen to, but the band definitely kicked up the energy by moving from classic soul to a more vibrant New Wave sound. Its just one of those songs that instantly makes a bad day good, and one that you’ll keep playing into 2015.

Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me

Jessie Ware Say You Love Me

Is this the second coming of Sade? Probably not…Jessie Ware seems to be something much more than the second coming of anyone. Her soulful voice has a purity and vulnerability to it that simply can’t be compared or imitated. The texture of her voice is rich and sultry, and her emotions simply pour out of the speakers. This emotional ballad pierces right to the heart, making each listen nothing short of enrapturing.

The Ting Tings – Wrong Club

The Ting Tings Wrong Club

That bass! That funky disco beat! Those early 70’s inspired vocals! Cowbell! Yes! Disco has been revived! Sure, Daft Punk made Disco trendy again, but while many other artists tried to capitalize on the trend, nobody did it quite as well as the Ting Tings! Wrong Club sounds like it could have come straight out of 1974. That nostalgic sound is easy to imitate, but difficult to master! Plus, the song’s calls of “I’m in the wrong club! Listening to this shit!” will have you shouting along, demanding the nearest room with a mirror ball.

Royal Blood – Figure It Out

Royal Blood Figure It Out

Lets face it, good rock music doesn’t come out quite as often as it used to. With the current trends moving toward pop punk, indie rock, or electro pop, good rock music is hard to find in its purest form. And yet, its not impossible! Royal Blood dropped their debut album, with an explosive single that rocked the hell out of the world! With just a bassist and a drummer, this duo managed to create a sound that is full, rich, and raw. Its lo-fi sound give it grit and edge, without any of the industry’s trends or big label production. I fully expect this band to be one of the next big names in rock music!

Kasabian – ee-zeh

kasabian eez-eh

What better to jam out to than a little rave rock? Kasabian went all out with their latest track, adding some pulsing electronic synths to their sound. The risk definitely paid off, giving the band their loudest and most energetic song to date! With self aware lyrics that critique our strange and fucked up world, this song even has a tinge of intellect! Whether its just because of its infectious dance beat, or its commentary on society, this song will definitely keep you up all night!


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