Top 100 Songs of 2014: 30 – 21

best songs of 2014

Tony Bennette and Lady Gaga – Anything Goes

Lady Gaga Tony Bennette

There’s a certain irony in seeing one of today’s most eccentric and edgy pop stars singing “Anything Goes” with one of the greatest jazz singers in history. Their take on the American classic was a special treat for music lovers of all ages! Lady Gaga puts aside her eccentricities for a sultry take on the song that fits right in with Tony’s timeless crooning. This is one song that is just as good today as it was when it was first recorded!

Twin Shadow – Turn Me Up

Twin Shadow Turn Me Up

Through distorted synths, a trip-hop beat, and emotional lyrics, Twin Shadow turns in one of his best songs to date! Its mysterious sound gives way to a smooth chorus that simply glistens with Lewis’s hearfelt vocal delivery. This is the lead single from his upcoming album, and it sounds like its shaping up to be one of 2015’s best!

Childish Gambino – Sweatpants

Childish Gambino Sweatpants

Known for his sharp and witty lyrics, Gambino goes HAM on this song with one of the catchiest hooks of the year! Don’t be mad cause he’s doing him better than you doing you. You’ll be hard pressed to get this one out of your head any time soon! Combining intelligently written verses with a hard hitting beat, this is one song that ain’t letting up any time soon.

Family Force 5 – Glow In The Dark

Family Force 5 Glow In The Dark

This song was far superior to their chosen lead single, BZRK. Family Force 5 definitely missed an opportunity by not giving more promotion to Glow in the Dark! With emotional lyrics, a breakdown that hits like an atomic bomb, and a catchy hook, this song was my top pick from their 2014 album.

Imogen Heap – Entanglement

Imogen Heap Entaglement

Imogen truly is a quirky little genius, isn’t she? The queen of electro-pop experimentalism released one of her biggest projects, a concept album three years in the making, Sparks. Entaglement stood out as one of the album’s top picks. From its intimate music video to its atmospheric sound and ethereal vocals, its a song that invites you into Imogen’s world…and what a magical world it is!

Jhene Aiko – The Worst

Jhene Aiko The Worst

RnB music is currently experiencing an evolution. With a more imaginative lyrics, themes, and musical structures, the genere is experiencing its own avant guarge movement. Emerging as one of the leaders of this forward thinking movement is Jhene Aiko! Her powerful lyrics hide behind a siren’s call of a voice, and a melody that twinkles like the night sky. As it turns out…The Worst is actually one of the year’s best!

Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better

Jack Antonoff- Bleachers (photo by Autumn de Wilde)

After a massive breakout as a member of hipster band Fun., Jack Antonosh went solo, and created one of the year’s best indie tunes! Its huge chorus warrants an audience ready to shout along, and who wouldn’t want to? We’ve all got problems, and we all want to get better! This song really hits a nerve that everyone can relate to!

Royksopp and Robyn – Do It Again

Royksopp and Robyn

I was a bit taken aback when I heard that the synthpop duo would be teaming up with the dance floor diva to make full on EDM club tracks. And yet, at the same time, nothing makes more sense! Royksopp has been making electronic music for over a decade, and their foray into the club scene was simply glorious. Robyn’s vocals soar just as high as their synth heavy, euro-dance production! This is by far one of the year’s best club tracks!

Janelle Monae – Electric Lady

Janelle Monae Electric Lady

Artists like Jhene Aiko and Tinashe might be emerging starlets in the RnB rebirth, but they’re really only playing catch up to Janelle Monae! This woman is a true visionary, who has been releasing forward-thinking RnB music since 2007! Its about time the industry caught up to her! Electric Lady is a true testament to Janelle’s talent. The upbeat track is simply relentless in its energy. Combined with Janelle’s powerful voice, futuristic lyrics, and skillful rapping, its a song that refuses to let up!

Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This

Paloma Faith Only Love Could Hurt Like This

Paloma’s unique, soulful voice brings channels Dusty Springfield, and brings her into today’s musical climate. With a classic, 60’s inspired sound, Paloma drones her way through the first half of the song in a truly captivating manner. However, its all fun and games until she unleashes some truly spectacular vocals in the second half! With emotional lyrics, powerful conviction, and impressive power, its some of the most captivating singing I’ve ever heard!


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