Top 100 Songs of 2014: 80 – 71

DJ Snake – Turn Down For What? (ft. Little John)

DJ Snake Turn Down For What

This song? Really?
Yes. Really.
No song this year was quite as ridiculous, stupid, loud, or obnoxious. No song was also quite as much fun. This crowd rocking club banger simply has an electrifying effect on crowds when played at high volumes. If 2014 had a club anthem, this was it.

Tegan & Sara – Everything is Awesome (ft. The Lonely Island)

The Lego Movie Everything Is Awesome

Yet another ridiculous entry to the list! Serving as the theme song to the Lego Movie, this bubbly pop song was nothing short of infectious. Upbeat lyrics and a catchy chorus courtesy of Tegan and Sara give way to a rap break by comedy rap duo The Lonely Island, than names a series of awesome things….which is, literally, everything. Sure, this song is notable for its extreme use of camp, but what the hell? Its awesome.

ILoveMakonnen – Tuesday (ft. Drake)

I Love Makonnen Tuesday

Tuesday might be the least likely song to write a rap about, which makes this jam all the more surprising. Makonnen and Drake take us to the club on a workday with a spacey, chilled out RnB groove. Its a unique track that combines the current trend of futuristic RnB with club banger lyrics, making the anthem to your Tuesday night for years to come.

Nicki Minaj – Pills And Potions

Nicki Minaj Pills And Potions

Nicki Minaj is known for having a number of alter egos and personalities. I find her at her best when she’s without her cartoony antics, colorful costumes, and big pop productions. In Pills And Potions, she leaves it all behind for something more vulnerable and sensitive. To a warm piano melody and a soft yet steady beat, Nicki both raps and sings (well!) about a turbulent relationship. Its a side of her that we haven’t really seen since Your Love, and its a welcome return.

Andy Grammer – Back Home

Andy Grammar Back Home

Nobody pens a feel good hit quite like Andy Grammer. Tender and uplifting verses give way to a huge, sweeping chorus that simply overwhelms with its positive vibe. This folksy and charming pop number can’t help but put a smile on your face.

G.R.L. – Ugly Heart

GRL Ugly Heart

Its been a whirlwind year for up and coming girl group, G.R.L. This group spent years in the making, and finally debuted with this empowering pop song. Despite the slow start, Ugly Heart became a world wide hit! Unfortunately, the group’s success was undercut by the tragic news of the passing of the group’s stand out member, Simone Battle. Her death was sudden, unexpected, and nothing short of heart breaking. Rest in peace, Simone. Fight on, G.R.L!

Chevelle – Take Out The Gunman

Chevelle Take Out the Gunman

After fifteen year’s worth of music, most bands run the risk of sounding dated, or losing their signature sound in an effort to stay relevant. Take Out the Gunman is neither. Chevelle has somehow managed to take their core sound, and tweak the recipe oh-so-slightly in order to give us something that sounds new and updated. This song has everything we could want in a Chevelle track, from the dark tones, to the thrashing guitars, and brooding vocals.

The Head and the Heart – Another Story

The Head and the Heart

This indie folk band has a delightful charm to them. Through warm guitars, sunny violins, a fluttering piano melody, and calm earthy vocals, this song could only be described as “warm and fuzzy.” And yet, the song’s lyrics yearn for a better time that has long passed, and the music video is as heartbreaking as a Sparks novel. Still, Another Story is a song with a charm all its own, and should not be overlooked.

AlunaGeorge – Supernatural

AlunaGeorge Supernatural

The disco revival continued into 2014 with a little help from this British duo. Rather than going full on disco like many other acts, they simply implemented disco elements to their already established sound. The result is a unique dance track that combines a contemporary dance beat with the synth heavy melodies of the late 70’s. With a heavy dose of funk, Supernatural is easy to groove along to, and sounds unlike anything else to be found on the dancefloor.

Eminem – Guts Over Hear (ft. Sia)

Eminem Guts Over Fear

The rap god himself returned this year, with a little help from Australian songstress, Sia. Over a downtempo hip-hop beat, Eminem spits out lyrics that recount the struggle of making it against immense odds. While this isn’t a new theme in Eminem’s music, something he himself notes in the lyrics, a haunting chorus gives the formula new life. While it may not be Eminem’s best, his worst is still miles above the competition.


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