Top 100 Songs of 2014: 90 – 81

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Cold War Kids – All This Could Be Yours

Cold War Kids All This Could Be Yours

Cold War Kids are actually pretty cool for a hipster band. With an infectious hook and a steady beat, All This Could be Yours was probably the band’s biggest ear worm to date. It might not be their most creative release, but you’ll be hard pressed not to sing along, tap your toes, or nod your head along to this hypnotic indie number.

Kelis – Rumble

Kelis Rumble

Kelis has come so far from that god awful Milkshake song. I feel sorry for those who failed to keep up with the RnB songstress. They’ve missed out on a decade of deep, creative, and unique music. Rumble is proof of this, with a sound that is soulful, brassy, and dare I say a little bit sassy? With a quirky music video and a solid sound, Kelis proves that she is more than just a milkshake.

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap

Chet Faker

After releasing numerous EP’s and singles, Chet Faker finally dropped his debut album this year. Talk Is Cheap served as the album’s lead single, proving his unique artistry through folksy vocals, a brooding trip-hop beat, and haunting lyrics. Through this song’s murky sounds, Chet Emerges as a unique artist to look for in 2015.

Rizzle Kicks – Tell Her

Rizzle Kicks Tell Her

When the quirky and energetic rap duo decided to tone it down and start singing, I was taken aback. Its odd seeing the usually bombastic duo suddenly play the role of the giddy shy kids. And yet, the mid-tempo RnB love song proved to be a hit. Sure, its a much different side of Rizzle Kicks, but the group still manages to impress.

Melanie Martinez – Carousel

Melanie Martinez Carousel

This odd-ball teen songstress proved to be the most interesting contestant from The Voice….ever! Despite having a sugary sweet voice, Melanie drones her way through a dark and twisted song that makes use of a carnival melody. Its a haunting release, but its nothing short of fantastic!  I see big things for the Alt. Pop. starlet coming once her album drops in 2015!

Karmin – I Want It All

Karmin I Want It All

Disco is currently in the middle of a revival, and Karmin helped lead that charge with this glittering, booty shaking number. I Want It All sounded like it could very well have been released in 1975! Its sound included brassy horns, a funky bass, and cowbell! Fucking cowbell! All of this with a music video shot in a skating ring, and Amy’s soulful vocals made I Want It All one of the best moments of the 2014 disco revival. They were only topped by one other quirky pop band….more on that farther down the list…

G.Love and Special Sauce – Nothing Quite Like Home

G.Love and Special Sauce Home

Sometimes, less is more. G.Love and Special Sauce have managed to release a decade of incredible music without any of the Hollywood glamour, or big studio production. This blues band just jams out, and incredible things happen. With Nothing Quite Like Home, they’ve essentially release exactly what they’ve been doing their whole career, but it always somehow sounds fresh and invigorating! This band is always a rousing good time!

Nothing More – This Is The Time (Ballast)

Nothing More This Is The Time

After ten years of releasing music, this Alt. Rock band finally managed to push through a major label debut, and I must say…it was worth the wait! Both dark and mesmerizing, heavy and melodic, This Is The Time proves that this, most definitely, is their time. Through soaring vocals, energetic drums and wailing guitars, the band leaves one hell of an impression.

Natalia Kills – Trouble

Natalia Kills Trouble

Last year, Natalia managed to take the number three position on my countdown of 2013’s best songs. This year, she’s fallen 80 spots, but then again, topping the genius of Saturday Night is not an easy task. Trouble manages to maintain everything I love about Kills: the cynical lyrics, the guitar heavy melody, and the strong vocals. Unfortunately, the chorus just kind of lulls. Still, Natalia is one popstar that is not to be over looked.

Fifth Harmony – Sledgehammer

Fifth Harmony Sledgehammer

These girls continue their rise from teen pop act, to legitimate diva group. Bo$$ might have been tailor made to be an earworm, but it was the late entry of Sledgehammer that finally gave the girl their breakout moment.  Upbeat, catchy, charming…the girls show off the full colors of each of their voices, and use it to paint a shining pop masterpiece.


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