Sonamoo – Deja Vu

Sonamoo Deja Vu

Sonamoo is the latest offering from TS Entertainment, also known as the home of hit girl group Secret, and the former home of rugged boy band, BAP. Making their official debut on December 29, they made it just under the buzzer to become 2014’s final debut. Unfortunately, Deja Vu isn’t quite the “bang” the year needed to go out on. In fact, it feels exactly what the title would suggest; a case of “been there, done that.”

The seven member girl group hopes to stand out by combining BAP’s edgy style, with Secret’s feminine charms. Unfortunately, it leaves little room for originality. The mixture just doesn’t feel natural, causing the whole production to feel “forced.” It doesn’t help matters that the group stole the idea of having a cartoon mascot from BAP (who stole it from Deadma5) or the fact that the group’s rappers sound almost identical to the rappers from actual bad girl group, EvoL.

Deja Vu’s biggest sin, however, is being a sub-par song. The song tries to go hard, but the weak hip-pop beat does little to light the fire. The girls bring weak vocals, and the chorus is anything but memorable. The rappers have skills, but the weak verses they’re given don’t do much to show it off. It all ultimately contributes to a song that feels forgettable. At least the girls make a solid dance crew with some impressive choreography.

Sonamoo has tons of potential…unfortunately their first impression didn’t do anything with it. Deja Vu simply isn’t the first impression I was expecting from the same company that gave us BAP’s ground breaking debut. Nowhere to go but up, I suppose.

Final Score: 1/5



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