Tinashe – Bet

Tinashe Bet

Tinashe is currently on the verge of a massive breakout. She recently dropped her debut album, Aquarius, but her name has already been rising on the charts thanks to the lead single, 2 On. The radio friendly club banger was a great launching board for the budding RnB star, but it’s the album’s gorgeous, experimental ballad, Bet, that proves Tinashe is more than just the next-generation Ashanti.

Currently, the RnB genre is shifting toward a more imaginative and futuristic state, where experimentation is the new buzz word. Its a sound that was introduced by the murky, mysterious production style of The Weeknd, and is now being heralded as the new direction of RnB music. Bet takes Tinashe down this route, under the guidance of fellow musical pioneer, Devonte Hynes (aka Blood Orange).

Backed by a spacey, cosmic RnB groove, Tinashe’s voice is an alluring siren’s call. One minute, she is shrouded in the song’s foggy instrumentals sounding hushed and breathy. The next, she emerges from the mist with a voice that is full and decadent, only to disappear a moment later. Its a unique approach that intertwines her voice with the instrumentals, rather than simply singing over them.

The song concludes with a one minute guitar solo outro by Blood Orange. Initially, it seems a little jarring, but it carries the song to a triumphant finish, leaving a powerful final impression.

2 On might be Tinashe’s money maker, but Bet proves her artistic merit. This gorgeous love ballad is sure to be a standout track on her album, and a milestone in the singer’s career. Will Tinashe finally have her breakout moment? Bet on it.


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