Kasabian – eez-eh

kasabian eez-eh

Why is it that all of England’s best jams make it to US shores months after they’re released? Kasabian’s fifth album, 48:13, dropped this summer, with a bombastic lead single that gives absolutely zero fucks. From the title, to the drastic change in style, to the tongue in cheek lyrics, eez-eh is guaranteed to keep you up all night!

Long time fans will instantly notice a drastic shift in the band’s musical direction. In fact, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that eez-eh is by far the least Kasabian sounding single on the band’s discography. It still maintains all of the band’s signature Brit-Rock sound, but then pop’s a Molly, jumps on the currently trendy EDM bandwagon, and rides it all the way to a 90’s rave.

The transition is surprisingly satisfying! With a BPM that is simply relentless, the song becomes an instant floor filler from the word “go!” The electronic synths might drown out some of the band’s instrumentals, but the funky bassline and electric guitars are still present, and only help to amplify the song’s energy.

The hook of “I’m gonna keep you up all night” is a bit misleading. It could be a reference to the song’s carefree sound, but also a nod to the socially conscious lyrics. Tom Meighan drones his way through a list of working man problems in lines like “Tired of taking orders, coping with disorders…the wrong men have the power, its turning my milk sour.” And yet, each line is delivered with tongue planted firmly in cheek, keeping the mood up! There’s nothing better than a song that’s both fun and catchy, as well as being socially conscious!


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