Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

Walk the Moon Shut Up and Dance

Each year, an indie artist always seems to find a way to cross over into the pop charts; Kings of Leon, Of Monsters and Men, Gotye, so on and so forth. I was quite surprised when Walk the Moon’s breakthrough single, Anna Sun, failed to find top 40 success. If pop radio knows anything about what’s good, then they won’t ignore the band’s latest single! Shut Up and Dance is a blissful and energetic power pop jam with tons of indie-cool to spare.

The song sees the band adding  a new layer of funk to their sound. A slick bass line and some vibrant guitar playing create a groove that’s very easy to lose yourself in. Add in the uptempo, clap along percussion, and you have yourself on hell of a rocking good time! Like Anna Sun before it, this song just compels you to dance along!

Lead vocalist Nicholas Petricca delivers quirky and catchy lyrics about a dancefloor romance. He croons about his “discotheque Juliet, teenage dream,” before launching into an absolutely massive chorus that you’ll soon be singing for days. It instantly sticks, insuring that you, and the rest of the crowd will be calling out “Shut up and dance with me!”

Walk the Moon have proven themselves to be one of the most fun bands around. With a colorful sound, and a charm that’s so awkward its cool, Shut Up and Dance is absolute indie-pop perfection!

Final Score: 4/5







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