Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys

Ingrid Michaelson Girls Chase Boys Review

Ingrid Michaelson is best known in the “singer/songwriter” circle. You know, the group whose audience mostly inhabits cafes and thrift shops. However, thanks to a catchy chorus and a jaunty melody, Girls Chase Boys has put her back on the pop charts for the first time in seven years. Better yet, it does so with charming wit, and a rather poignant message.

A song called Girls Chase Boys could easily become the typical pop fluff that we’re used to hearing from Disney channel “stars” and teen pop idols. However, Ingrid Michaelson is far from that, and she doesn’t seem to be selling out any time soon. She croons sweetly through what seems to be a typical love song, but it soon becomes a commentary on universal love through an earworm chorus: “Girls chase boys, chase girls, chase girls, chase boys, chase boys, chase girls.”

Really though, its more than just about putting homo and heterosexual love side by side and saying “its all the same thing.” Add a music video that parodies Robert Palmer’s iconic music video by turning gender roles on their heads and it isn’t just a message, its a statement. Think of it as a less misguided version of Blurred Lines. Everyone gets objectified! And everyone is bored as hell!

That factor actually makes Girls Chase Boys quite interesting, and a launching board for some intelligent discussion, as well as childish hate speech. What do you know, Ingrid…you did something that challenged the notion of normal, and disguised it as a radio friendly pop single. Some people love it. Some people are disgusted by it. I guess it means you’ve done something truly special!

Final Score: 4/5






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