Interpol – All The Rage Back Home

Interpol All The Rage Back Home

Since their formation in the late nineties, Interpol has seen their share of ups and downs. After doing the major label thing and losing a member that played a huge part in the band’s success, they return from a disappointing 2010 release with their latest album, El Pintor. Leading the album is the single, All The Rage Back Home.

For a lead single, “Rage” is a bit dreary, but still solidifies Interpol’s unique sound. The song begins almost too slowly, with a melancholy guitar, and Paul Bank’s moaning vocals. It goes on longer than it should, weighing down the song in the process. However, once you trudge through the first 50 seconds, the song kicks it into high gear.

Bank’s vocals really open up, revealing a nuanced delivery and introspective lyrics. He also picks up bass duties after the departure of Carlos Dengler. While he doesn’t quite fill the gap, he is capable, and the bass line does its job just fine. Luckily, the grinding guitars and energetic percussion are more than enough to pull the song through with a rhythmic rock groove.

All The Rage Back Home is dark and brooding track, but it feels like a crowd pleaser. That is, if you can make it past the song’s first minute of buzz killing drudgery. While it doesn’t do much to move the band forward, it does remind us of what we like about them in the first place. Its a return to form, even if that takes us back to square one.

Final Score: 3/5






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