Iggy Azalea – Black Widow (ft. Rita Ora)

Iggy Azalea Rita Ora Black Widow

What does a rising hip-pop star do after scoring a global chart topping hit? The answer is easy: solidify your presence. In an effort to become more than a one hit wonder, Iggy Azaela is teaming up with British songstress Rita Ora for her follow up, Black Widow. The pairing makes perfect sense. Just a few years ago, Rita was jacking Rihanna’s style to try and gain relevance, and now Iggy is jacking the style of none other than Katy Perry.

Originally penned by Perry and company, Black Widow somehow made its way to the hands of Iggy and Rita. Unfortunately, the team does nothing with it. The entire song just feels borrowed, or worse, copied. In fact, it essentially plays out like Dark Horse part two.

With a brooding steel drum melody and a trap-pop beat, the song sounds like it could fade into Dark Horse at any second. With a chorus that builds up much the same way, comparisons aren’t just inevitable, they’re invited. Luckily, Rita’s powerful voice ensures that the chorus is a highlight. Unfortunately, she vastly over shadows the main act.

Iggy is entirely forgettable in this song. All the fire she brought in Fancy has been extinguished, leaving her to talk her way through some verses where she delivers a list of complaints to a bitter lover. This isn’t the next big female rapper, this is Ke$ha on Ritalin.

Compared to her debut, Black Widow just feels like two steps back. Its a wholly unoriginal and lack luster follow up to one of the most memorable songs of the year.

Final Score: 1/5






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