Tragedy Strikes Ladies Code

I’m going to take a break from my usual reviews to say a few words regarding the recent tragedy that befell one of Kpop’s most vibrant and promising young group; Ladies Code.

Ladies Code

Yesterday morning, Kpop fans all over the globe grieved for the loss of Ladies Code member, EunB. Tragically, EunB lost her life in an automobile accident, when the group’s van spun out of control and slammed into a guard rail. The young performer was only twenty one years old. Worse still, members So Jung and RiSe remain in critical condition.

In my ten years as a Kpop fan, I have seen my share of news worthy events. I’ve watched as my favorite stars got swept up in controversies, I’ve seen some talented performers have their dreams crushed by an unforgiving industry, groaned as I watched members leave my favorite groups, and even seen some groups disband entirely. However, in ten years, I have never seen something quite as shocking and tragic as this.

Ladies Code Eun Bi

I will always remember EunB as the most vibrant member of Ladies Code. She always seemed genuinely happy to be on stage performing, and her smile was always infectious. At only twenty one, she had a full life ahead of her, and so much potential to fulfill. Unfortunately, she leaves this Earth teaching us the lesson that life is too short and unpredictable. Rest easily, EunB. Your smile will never be forgotten, and your sunny presence will be missed.

Ladies Code Ri Se

While EunB is gone from us, we must turn our prayers to a woman currently fighting for her life. While So Jung is in stable condition, Ri Se has not been so fortunate. After seven hours of surgery, operations had to be halted due to low blood pressure and swelling on her brain. Because my family has history with brain surgery, I can not stress enough how concerning this is.

Depending on how severe the injuries are, RiSe’s entire life could be changed. There are many risks involved with this type of injury, including permanent brain damage, paralysis, cognitive ability loss, speech loss, and more. When my father was faced with a similar situation, he defied the expectations of all the doctors, and walked away from his surgery perfectly fine. It was a true miracle for my family, and I sincerely hope that RiSe is blessed with a similar miracle.

This tragedy is particularly heart breaking because Ladies Code was just beginning to fulfill their potential. After Pretty Pretty launched them into popularity, they were on the fast track to realizing their dreams. Now, their future is uncertain, but at this point, singing and dancing if far from what’s important. Just to have the girls recover mentally and physically, and move forward with their lives is all I want to see as a fan of Ladies Code.

Ladies Code EunB banana Ladies Code EunB Banana 2

My heart simply breaks. It breaks for Rise, it breaks for EunB, it breaks for So Jung, Zuney, and Ashley. It breaks for their fans, their colleagues, their friends, and of course, their families. May you rest peacefully, EunB, and may RiSe find the strength to pull through.

Ladies Code, hwaiting!


It has recently been revealed that after four days spent in a coma, Ri Se has succumbed to her injuries, and passed away. I had hoped that her family would know the same miracle that my family had been blessed with, so I cannot imagine the pain that her family is going through in this difficult time. My hear simply breaks to see these two young lives suddenly gone from this world. Please find rest, Ri Se.


8 responses to “Tragedy Strikes Ladies Code

  1. My heart breaks for them…life cut so short at 21. RIP Eun B…I believe Eun B is watching over RiSe right now. RiSe will Rise again!

    Ashley and Zuny are going to the wake with only staff members…they didn’t want to be around other kpop stars who attended the wake…they wanted the privacy and the chance to say goodbye to their fellow member. Apparently, Sojung doesn’t know that EunB died and probably best for her to not know this as she is about to have facial surgery again i believe.

    My wish to God right now is to let RiSe spend more time on Earth as a healthy young woman since God has decided that Eun B join him. Please let RiSe stay with us for a longer time. Thank you sincerely.

  2. This is really the best and most thoughtful thing written about all of this. Thanks. Wish I knew a way to get to the heads of all of the management groups and convince them that this is a rare intersection of opportunity to do something grand and good and be at the front of a massive effort to change things in Korea about seatbelt safety. With the right push by the right people (idols, etc.) this generation of drivers could be like American kids who have had seatbelt safety pounded at them by parents, and who often remind their parents if they screw up. It can and should be done.
    Here’s something I posted on Allkpop. “The management companies could do so much for the Korean society by taking a proactive lead in encouraging people to wear seat belts. They could get the idols to do promotional ads. They could sign a pact not to do videos that show idols riding in cars without seat belts. Watching the Sistar I Swear video, and the way they were shown riding without seat belts and standing up in the car riding down the highway, I couldn’t help of being sadly reminded of the tragedy involving Ladies Code. I’m not picking on Sistar–it’s just that I saw the image there first after the events of the past few days. (Although it is a bit ironic that Sistar did a car safety video themselves.) We see this all the time in many videos. The idols have so much power to change habits by their own actions, and we should call on all of them to do so every time we see a video that shows unsafe driving.The goodwill the managers would get by really getting behind this would be enormous.”

  3. Heartbreaking…I just can’t imagine what they were going through. Its bad enough that they already had to do this once, but a second time? And with all of those cameras going off in their face….it just doesn’t seem right. Hope they all find peace someday; Rise, Eun B, So Jung, Ashely, Zuny, and each of their families. -_-

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