Liam Bailey – On My Mind

Liam Bailey On My Mind

I’ll never quite understand how, but the Brits have managed to perfect soul music, a genre that was once a signature American style of music. Today, it seems that artists like Adele, Aloe Blacc, and Sam Smith are carrying the genre forward, keeping it relevant in today’s music climate.

With the release of his debut album, Liam Bailey joins his fellow Brits in solidifying the presence of Blues and Soul in 2014. His lead single, On My Mind, has immediately launched him into “artist to watch” status. After the first listen, it isn’t difficult to see why music critics are clamoring over this latest soul man. The song is a dazzling display of raw musical talent.

On My Mind is a chilling song that simply haunts with its brooding percussion and bluesy guitars. As the song marches forward, Bailey’s smokey vocals continually draw you in. Piercing right through the dark melody with a soulful wail, his voice is rich, raw, and simply gripping, reminiscent of a modern day Jimi Hendrix. The song comes unhinged in the final minute, exploding into an electrifying storm of blues guitars and wailing vocals that is simply unforgettable.

On My Mind continues to haunt long after the song has ended. It’s a near perfect blues jam that reminds us of why we love the genre, and wonder why we ever let it die out. I doubt this song will catch on with the pop charts in the way that Sam Smith or Adele has, but I believe we are seeing the start of music next leading blues artist.

Final Score: 5/5

rating 5




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