Super Junior – Mamacita

Super Junior Mamacita

After two years of inactivity, SM’s original mega sized boy band is back! With two of their members back from military service, the group roster is back up to ten for the release of their latest title track, Mamacita. The song features much of what we know as Super Junior’s signature sound, but throws in some RnB grooves courtesy of producer Teddy Reilly.

The new musical direction is actually quite appreciated. Despite the title Mamacita is influenced more by nineties style RnB-Pop than it is Latin music. This is no surprise considering Reilly’s Blackstreet roots. His production style combines a mid tempo dance-pop beat, brassy horns, and some retro melodies. Together, it creates a unique blend of vintage styles with the glossy coat of a modern day Kpop production.

Unfortunately, the group continues with their signature vocal delivery; highly processed, robotic, and almost completely emotionless. However, in spots the group’s vocal line is able to showcase the dynamics of their voices. The song really shines in these moments, but overall, they are too far and few between. The chorus is catchy enough, but the repetitive calls of “”Ayi yai yai yai ya!” boarder on annoying. The rap verse sticks out as the song’s main sin, closing an already terrible attempt at rapping with the Engrish fail of “Close your lips, shut your tongue!” The joke just writes itself.

Super Junior songs have always been hit or miss. However, for the first time ever, Mamacita lands itself smack dab in the middle. There’s much to love about the song, and also much to dislike. I appreciate the new musical direction. Teddy Reilly’s production does well for the group, but in the end, Mamacita won’t be remembered as one of Super Junior’s best.

Final Score: 3/5   






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