Dami Im – Gladiator

Dami Im Gladiator

In her latest single, Dami Im vows to “fight for your love, like a gladiator.” Perhaps these lyrics were inspired by her recent victory on the X-Factor Australia, where she swept the competition with her powerful vocals, bizarre fashion, and quirky personality. She is already a victor in her home country, but Gladiator proves her potential as a global pop icon.

Many have compared Gladiator to the work of Katy Perry. There are subtle similarities; the airy pop beat, the huge, sweeping percussion, the song structure and lyrical content…it all smacks of Perry’s quirk and charm. Though, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means that Gladiator is a catchy pop anthem that is instantly memorable. Its powerful beat and anthemic lyrics would definitely feel at home at the top of the charts.

However, Dami separates herself from the competition through her god given talents. Her voice is simply unreal, and sounds unlike anyone currently on the charts. The verses are uniquely phrased, and show off Dami’s Australian drawl. The song reaches soaring heights in the chorus, allowing Dami to unleash her full vocal power. Her powerful and emotional delivery will leave a lasting impression.

The song also earns a significant number of cool points for its lyrics. Gladiator is possibly the most progressive girl power song around. By vowing to fight for and defend the one she loves, Dami switches the typical male/female roles without ever really calling attention to it in the first place. She sings “I’m not here for glory, I just hope you’re waiting for me,” proving herself capable, empowered, and passionate.

Gladiator is a true testament to the power of Dami Im. Although there aren’t many musical risks being taken, the song is a brilliant take on the tried and true pop music formula of today. Gladiator easily takes down the competition of more established pop starlets. Look out, pop world. Dami Im has arrived.

Final Score: 3/5






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