Royal Blood – Figure It Out

Royal Blood Figure It Out Single Review

There’s a reason that rock duos continue to captivate us. Without the backing of a full band, you have to be good at your craft, and its always interesting to see what a truly gifted musician can do. Joining the ranks of the White Stripes and The Black Keys is British duo, Royal Blood. The act consists of bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr, as well as drummer Ben Thatcher. The two have been making waves across the UK, but with their album now released in the US, Americans are finally seeing what all the fuss is about.

Figure It Out is the duo’s first single, and at first listen, its difficult to believe that Royal Blood is in fact a duo, let alone one that foregoes on electric guitars entirely. The song begins with a brooding bass line and Kerr’s growling vocals, creating a raw and gritty sound. The combination of bluesy bass chords, and Thatcher’s intricate drumming creates such a full and lush sound that its almost shocking. By the time the chorus hits, the song has becomes absolutely massive.

With a bare bones style and low fi sound, Figure It Out retains a classic style that is refreshing to hear. Without any electric guitars to detract from the powerful bass line, the band has created a truly gripping sound. Figure It Out is an impressive showing from a duo that promises to deliver great things.

Final Score: 4/5





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