Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars

Coldplay A Sky Full of Stars Review

Really, Coldplay? Is this what you have to do to get airplay in 2014? A Sky Full of Stars is the band’s first real venture into the “popular at the moment” trend of EDM pop. That’s not necessarily to say the song is automatically bad. In fact, that’s far from the case. However, let’s be real and call it what it is…this is not a Coldplay song.

Who better to produce an EDM hit than A-list producer, Avicii.  While the song begins in typical Coldplay fashion, with a piano melody and Chris Martin’s drawling vocals, it slowly comes to life with a flurry of glittering synths. A dance beat begins to build itself up through the verses, eventually culminating in a rapturous chorus that shines as brightly as the titular night sky.

However, the star of this show is clearly Avicii. In fact, aside from Martin’s unmistakable voice, there really isn’t much left of Coldplay to be seen or heard. To call this a Coldplay song just feels dishonest. It would make much more sens to call it what it is; Avicii featuring Chris Martin.

Ultimately, this paring really doesn’t do justice to either party. Coldplay is swallowed by Avicii’s production, and Avicii has watered down his style to make room for Coldplay. What results is a track that is fun for the moment, but ultimately comes off as forgettable.

Final Score: 2/5




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