Lip Service – Too Fancy

Lip Service Too Fancy

It ain’t easy out there for a gangster, but the ladies of Lip Service aren’t letting that stop them. In an increasingly competitive market, these ladies emerged as an underdog to watch. Now, they’ve returned with a bouncy new single called Too Fancy, featuring a new addition to their group!

The song features the type of saxophone loop that has become oh so trendy in today’s music. At times, it reminds you of Problem, at times, Thrift Shop. Either way, its fun and catchy, and isn’t featured in the song enough to sound “copycat” in anyway. Too Fancy‘s beat is colorful and lively, which just compels you to dance along!

Bipa is definitely the star of the show, and once again her rapping is nothing short of phenomenal. In the world of Kpop, there are many fake rappers, and calling them out is almost too easy. Bipa, however, is the real fucking deal. She playfully raps about never having enough money, and the fact that everything is waaaay too damn expensive. It’s so true that it hurts! She executes her verses confidently, with attitude, swagger, and a rapid-fire flow that is simply effortless.

That’s not to discredit her partners. Cora delivers a catchy chorus and a solid hook that keeps the song playfully bouncing along. Anna, the group’s new addition, adds some powerful RnB inspired vocals. Although she seems underutilized in this song, she adds a new dynamic to the group that makes them a bit more versatile. Perhaps she’ll be further used in future releases?

Final Score: 4/5






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