Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better

Jack Antonoff Bleachers

Bleachers may be a new name in the industry, but we’re already familiar with the mastermind behind this project. You might recognize this one man band as one third of hipster-pp band, fun. Jack Antonoff has stepped away from the band to release his first single as “Bleachers.”

Stepping away from the band that launched you can be a risky move, especially if you aren’t the front man. And yet, I Wanna Get Better is every bit as good as anything fun. has released. Without taking himself too seriously, he manages to maintain an element that was severely lacking from the band’s releases; some actual fun! This song glides through an upbeat melody of cut-up keyboards, lively drums, and a shout along chorus that definitely hits its mark. Its a rousing number that will have crowds raising their fists and shouting along with the euphoric chorus.

And yet, underneath the jaunty melody lies some dark subject matter. Antoff”s moans his way through deeply personal lyrics that recount his more tragic life experiences. And yet, the shout along chorus offers a powerful proclamation of “I wanna get better!” It instantly makes the lyrics accessible to any listener, which is yet another element that kept us detached from songs like Some Nights.

I Wanna Get Better proves that Antonoff might just be the true star of fun. Without Nate Russ bringing the atmosphere down with his “I meant that ironically” vibe, it turns out that the music really soars! It seems that Antonoff really did want to get better, and by stepping out solo, he did just that!

Final Score: 4/5







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