Fifth Harmony – BO$$

Fifth Harmony Boss Review

With their debut album on the way, the girls of Fifth Harmony are getting Bo$$y with their latest single. Here, we see the five-some shedding their girly and Disney channel friendly image for something a little more club ready. Bo$$ trades power-pop beats and lyrics about slumber parties for a sassy RnB sound that brings out their inner diva.

But, there lies our problem. Fifth Harmony’s transition from teen pop starletts, to “empowered females” just seems a little too sudden. The sexy outfits, the bold dance moves, and the song’s urban beat are an interesting new direction, but the girls lack the maturity to pull it off seamlessly. Even the lyrics are a bit too ambitious, dropping the names of powerful male figures like Kanye and Dr. Dre, while the chorus consists of “Michelle Obama, purse so heavy getting Oprah dollars.”

However, once you get past the initial shock, its easy to forgive the song’s many faults. Fifth Harmony are still fantastic singers with tons of potential. In Bo$$, the spotlight has been passed to Normani, who was relegated to backup singer in their debut single. She leads the song surprisingly well, and brings tons of attitude and swagger. Also, the song is catchy as hell. Seriously, no part of this song isn’t infectious. The snappy beat, the repetitive chorus, the bridge, and even the half-rapped verses are all tailor made to be infectious!

An instant urban-pop hit, Bo$$ definitely breaks new ground for Fifth Harmony. While the transition from teem pop stars to RnB divas might have been a case of too much too sudden, you simply can’t deny that the girls are well on their way to becoming the next big American girl group.

Final Score: 3/5






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