Ariana Grande – Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea)

Ariana Grande Problem

The summer has just started, and yet, its pretty clear that the season’s biggest jam is already here. Ariana is out to prove that she isn’t just another singing teen TV star, but a legitimate artist in her own right. Teaming up with the industry’s coolest “it girl,” Iggy Azalea, Problem is about to launch her career into the stratosphere.

Problem takes a jazzy instrumental approach. The song builds with lush saxophone loops, snappy snare drums, and a soulful vocal arrangement that will have you instantly dancing. It all drops out suddenly in the chorus, for a smooth hip-hop beat and a whispered hook that will lodge itself in the best parts of your mind for days. Ariana displays another mind blowing vocal performance thanks to her effortless yet powerful singing. A cooler-than-ice rap break from the I-G-G-Y helps add some attitude to the song. As two of the hottest rising stars, its a match made in heaven.

Admittedly, last year’s The Way seemed like a bit a fluke, thanks to a raid fanbase of Nickelodeon obsessed tweens. However, it was her vocal talent that really captivated listeners. Problem takes the Miriah Carey-esque vocals we all fell in love with, but now adds a layer of sass and swagger that makes Ariana seem both youthful enough for her younger fanbase, as well as mature enough for older audiences.

Final Score: 4/5





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