Billion – Dancing Alone

Billion Dancing Alone

Life is tough for a nugu group. Now that the market is over saturated, its getting harder and harder for a new group to really leave their mark. The big companies seem to be getting bigger and bigger each day, making it tougher and tougher for fresh new talent to be discovered.

Maybe that’s why Billion caught my eye? When they debuted earlier this year, these girls flew under the radar entirely. Their teasers weren’t reported on the media sites, and there was little to no buzz for their debut. To most, they were simply another nugu group destined to fade back into obscurity. And yet, for the week that they managed to promote Dancing Alone, I was made into a fan. There’s just so much to love about this group, and their debut song!

The song’s euro-trance beat is simply infectious. We hear dance beats and dubstep breakdowns all the time in Kpop, but there’s something refreshing about the song’s delicate pulse, bubbling synths, and techno beat that makes you want to dance! Alone, for that matter….this is a breakup song, and the girls really carry the song’s emotion through their vocal. The group is carried vocally by member Song Yi, who sings over half of the song, but what a powerful voice she has! She delivers a powerful chorus that really soars over the song’s infectious beat.

While Dancing Alone is far from ground breaking, its definitely worth a listen. Sure, the dancing might be underwhelming, and the group is mostly carried by one singer, but Dancing Alone is a solid production if you’re a fan of trance music. We’ve seen many one-and-done groups lately, but hopefully Billion will stick around to show us more. With Chi Chi now disbanded, we need a new group to give us some K-pop infused Euro-Dance music…and Billion could very well be the new bearer of that torch.

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