EXO – Overdose

EXO Overdose Review

Overdose is a pretty appropriate title for EXO’s latest release song. It describes almost perfectly the group’s current situation! First they return with an anticipated new song, only to have it interrupted by a national tragedy! Then, a member controversially leaves the group, only to turn around and sue the company. It’s like an overdose of controversy!

It also describes their sound. EXO’s music has pretty much always had way too much going on at once for anything to be cohesive, but Overdose seems to bridge everything we loved about Growl, and hated abut Wolf. Again, we hear a smooth hip-hop beat, but unlike Growl, we hear the electronic, dub-step leanings of Wolf layered on top. It makes for a hard hitting beat, that should sound great with the bass cranked up! It makes a great song for dancing, which makes sense given the group’s complex choreography, executed effortlessly.

The group’s vocals come off strong, but that’s mostly thanks to some fancy studio fine tuning. The same autotuned chorus we hear in most of Super Junior’s music has infiltrated EXO’s sound, much to my dismay. Also, EXO has yet to perform the song without lip syncing. While this may leave a sour taste in some fan’s mouths, should we really be surprised? EXO have proven time and time again to be a dance crew first, a group of pretty faces second, and singers last.

EXO have pulled off some head scratching moves before: twenty teasers, a fantasy epic debut…whatever the fuck Wolf was…but in the end, EXO is about the spectacle. Overdose delivers one hell of a show, even if most of that show is based on illusions.

Final Score: 3/5




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