Tiesto – Red Lights

Tiesto Red Lights

Tiesto is one of the most respected names in the EDM industry. However, I think that we’d all like to forget his 2009 foray into pop music. Kaleidoscope was just….ehhh. However, this isn’t 2009 anymore. EDM has gone from a musical trend, to a pop culture phenomenon. As we watch artists like Avicci, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta become massive celebrities, it only seems fair that Tiesto would have another go at it. Hence, Red Lights, his latest offering to mainstream radio.

This song has everything that an EDM monster hit needs in this day and age. A gentle acoustic guitar sets up a gentle melody, a thumping bass gives it some dance appeal, the vocals give us a solid hook that will latch itself into our brains, and the build up leads us to an explosive bass drop, full of lush synths and vibrant energy. It all works excellently, but that’s because the formula has been tried and tested many times before. Its simply tailor made for pop radio using the layout we’ve all come to recognize as industry standard. Although, perhaps that was the point; the song is already Tiesto’s biggest hit.

However, itย lacks the innovation of Tiesto’s usual trance production. It’s not as sophisticated as Avicci’s genre defying music, nearly as pop friendly as David Guetta’s productions, nor is it as catchy as Harris’s pop crossovers. Still, none of this is going to make people stop dancing to it, and why should they? Red Lights is still a catchy and defiant piece of EDM pop.

Final Score: 3/5






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