Kid Ink – Show Me (ft. Chris Brown)


Kid Ink Show Me

Kid Ink seems to be the current issue in the hip-hop industry. After hitting the grind for the past four years, his “up and coming” status has finally been upgraded to “hot new artist.” This is partly thanks to his breakout single, Show Me, but mostly thanks to the guest feature from none other than Chris Brown.

This DJ Mustard produced slow grinder is simple, yet infectious. The bass heavy track settles into an easy groove. With a smooth beat and an infectious synth, the song becomes almost hypnotic. Though simplistic, it instantly grabs your attention, eases in, and stays in long after the song has ended.

Chris Brown’s RnB vocals also add a solid chorus to the song. Despite some particularly vapid lyrics about “pushin’ yo panties to the side,” and “reminding me of something” but not knowing “what it is,” his vocals add an melody that makes the song particularly infectious. Unfortunately, it all overshadows Kid Ink. His rap verses truly are the least memorable thing about the song! Maybe that’s because of his rather standard delivery or unimaginative lyrical content? Either way, you’ll forget about them as soon as the chorus hits.

Its unfortunate that Kid Ink’s debut is more memorable due to Mustard’s infectious beat, or Chris Brown just being Chris Brown. Either way, Show Me is bass pounding track that accomplishes its goal of getting itself stuck in your head. Maybe Kid Ink will seize this new momentum and bring something to the table next time?

Final Score: 3/5







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