Kongos – Come With Me Now

Kongos Come With Me Now

Sometimes, its more about the journey than it is about the final destination. Such is the case with the band Kongos, and their single Come With Me Now. Originally released over three years ago, unleashed upon American audiences while the band was opening for Linkin Park, Come With Me Now has only recently gained traction on alternative radio. Now signed to a major label, and an impending top 40 release date, Come With Me Now is undoubtedly ready to explode.

And you know what? I’m fine with that. Songs this good are quite uncommon. Something about the band’s gypsy style is both refreshing and intriguing. Come With Me Now stands out for its unique blend of accordions, pounding percussion, and powerful guitars. The chorus is rousing and infectious thanks to the band’s gruff and earthy sounding group vocals. Even the sing-talking verses are alluring and mysterious!

Although the song plays like nothing I’ve ever heard, I can’t imagine why this song had such a hard time gaining traction. Perhaps it truly is all in the timing? The stomping beat and infectious chorus have enough mainstream appeal to please radio listeners, and yet the unique instrumentals have enough indie-cool for the alternative crowd. Make no mistake, Kongos will be one of 2014’s breakout artists. 

Final Score: 5/5

rating 5





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